I was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. Lived all over the place. Landed for a short spell at age four, in San Antonio, Texas where the Mexican culture was full of bright colors and wonderful blue bread. My doll was a plaster Day of the Dead skeleton with joints which allowed it to dangle in my arms the way a real sleeping baby would. The human form was important to me from the start. My baby doll  was an eye brow raiser back in Virginia in spite of the fact the family was full of doctors. I became aware of the different perceptions of beauty.

Married young had two children. Moved back to the desert this time 30 miles from the Mexican border 50 miles from Tucson , AZ. The mica in the dirt reflecting the sky caught my eye. I started painting with dirt.
Moved back to Virginia where I discovered etching on copper through Robert Marsh.

We moved to Florida where I was introduced to silver nitrates and the camera at FSU, and then lead and straw by Anselm Kiefer.

New husband, new move. To Tangier, Morocco. Where assumptions shift and realities are of your own imagination. Birds tweet in the melodic sounds of Arabic. Third world ingenuity humbles and inspires. The spices are gifts from the gods. Being in countries with different alphabets is like living in Borge's fictions. I like incorporating a subtle need for the viewer to similarly 'fill in the blanks' in my work. We rode home to the US on the same plane as Paul Bowles ashes.
Still the same husband, we move to Chisinau, Moldova. Cyrillic alphabet and decaying grandeur make the poorest of the former USSR States fertile ground for art and thought. I took up music for the first time with the cello as my instrument of interpretations. I learned most of us haven't a clue to what poverty really is and how it includes the abuse of Human Rights. It is prevalent. Some of my work addresses this heart breaking problem.

Same husband, the last ever. We are back in Florida. Through my work I explore human identities. Messages from the peripheral vision. A mysterious, enlightening, horrifying, comical road taken from misread instructions. My work is an on going dialogue with the times we live in, filling in the blanks of the barely audible.

I paint with oils, acrylics, dry pigments, dirt and etching ink. The surfaces are birch panels, canvas, copper, photographs, and lead. Text is penciled, painted and incised into the surface of all the images. For example I use bird shot for Braille. Some of the frames are lead. Most of the work have areas painted with dirt that has come from all over the world. Places where the spirit has remained long after the knees have risen.