ground wire

Looking for Laika

dirt from the Black Forest near Baden-Baden, Germany, dry pigments, photo emulsion, chalk, polymers, acrylic on birch wood panel, 2006
55 x 42.5"

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The methodical Germans gave Laika a properly Wagnerian title--- Die Himmels-Hundin,
the She-Hound of Heaven--- and drew a moral from her flight. “For a few days, the world
is again united,” intoned the Stuttgarter Zeitung. “For a few days, black and white, democrats and communists, republicans and royalists in all countries, islands and continents have one feeling, one language, one direction . . . our feeling of compassion for this little living being twirling helplessly over our heads.” The Stuttgarter Zeitunghad apparently over looked some dissonant voices, such as that of the Vietnamese farmer who complained: “I don't understand. Dogs are supposed to be eaten, not carted around through space.”